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NASI: Transforming lives through innovative engineering.

  • N.A. Systems, Inc.

    Core Purpose

    To ignite excellence, passionately driven to transform lives through innovative engineering.

  • N.A. Systems, Inc.

    Envisioned Future

    To create a dynamic organization that our people and the Filipino people in general can be proud of globally.


N.A. Systems, Inc.´s staff are licensed and has worked on numerous projects throughout the Philippines. Partnered with various multi-national companies.


N.A. Systems, Inc. has completed numerous projects each with outstanding quality and extensive attention to detail.


Our leading electrical engineering experts are the best in the industry and guarantee projects are planned and implemented right.

Core Ideology


Reputation for Service Excellence

We maintain a superior degree of quality of materials and services. We strive to complete all works on time, on specifications and on budget with a strong sense of urgency, moving with speed and accuracy. Adheres to total quality management to produce world-class services at competitive prices and ensure a strong market niche and long-term business profitability.


Advancements and Innovations

Continuous improvement by adopting new ideas, technologies, processes, methodologies and paradigms that will increase productivity, enhance quality and add value to our products, to our people, to our market and the society in general. Highlights the importance of keeping a highly-motivated working force in an evolving technological environment.

People Centered

Unleashing Unlimited Potential

Our people are our most valuable resource, rewarding them with great career opportunities, exciting and fun workplace, equal opportunity employment, attractive package and healthy work − life balance. Encouraging an open culture of camaraderie, continuous learning and advocating social transformation through our organization.

Filipino Spirit

It is Our Unique Identity

Founded and run by Filipinos, the Company strives to promote patriotism with strong sense of nationalism. Our resiliency as a people has kept us going despite all the adversity. Through our ingenuity, resourcefulness and the bayanihan concept, we overcame all challenges. It took us where we are today and we will take it wherever we will be in the world.

What We Do

Electrical Design

Designs residential, commercial, insdustrial and underground electrical utilities.


Estimates for material, labor, equipment costs and supervision.


Installs residential, commercial, and industrial electrical and auxilliary systems.


Reviews electrical design, layout and existing electrical facilities.


Provides preventive maintenance on electrical equipment.

Power Management

Energy and power audit on electrical equipment and facilities.

Our Valued Clients